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Though keeping it a secret from his friends at first, Kouichi is immortal and is guessed to be around a

century old. He gained this from being tested on with the Shinra Banshou and now hopes that the current Shinra Banshou owner, Miharu Rokujou, can take his immortal so that he does not have to watch as his friends grew old and died around him. Though he is not the only one, Shijima is also like him. Together they are referred to as the Hakutaku. 

Kouichi is the first to confront Miharu about joining their Ninbo Clab. He, along with Tobari, pester Miharu until he attacked by ninjas who seek the Shinra Banshou. Kouichi and Tobari defend Miharu, fighting off the ninjas. Amongst the comotion, the Shinra Banshou is awaken witin Miharu and in an attempt to seal it, Kouichi stabs Miharu. Though he is careful to miss all his vitals.


Later on, after Miharu is introduced into their world of the Nabari, Kouichi meets Raimei Shimizu after she attacks him, mistaking him for the Shinra Banshou owner. Though she has no means of killing the owner,

she only wanted to test him. Kouichi and Raimei grow a deep relationship and are often always by each other's side. However, Raimei has told him that he "is not her type of guy".

Kouichi is often energetic in attitude but when it comes to his duties as a ninja, he becomes serious and relentless. 



Hair: White 
Eyes: Red 
Height: 5'6 
Weight: 119lbs                     


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