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A fiery-skinned, horned “daemon of the desert” and right hand of Lord Jeoffa. Born amongst the green-skinned lizard-like barbarian tribes of the outer flow, Korovan Muspin was deemed an outcast at birth because of his red skin. He quickly asserted his dominance over the “green-skins” and ultimately became their nomad king. Not content to simply pillage and loot his way across the desert, the former barbarian bowed down to the Great Lord Jeoffa and became the lynchpin in subjugating the various nomadic tribes of the region.

Dirty Work

Korovan does Jeoffa’s dirty work and is responsible for the slaughter of the Children of the Blue immediately after the arrival of “ The Earthman .” Wicked and battle-scarred, Korovan bested the disoriented Bigfoot and forced the creature into the work camps. A massively built killing machine, he towers over the Earthman.

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