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Korky from the 50's

Korky the Cat is an anthropomorphic feline. Originally mute, this cat likes nothing more than to catch a nice big fish in Dandytown's local waterways. But a gamekeeper often foiled his attempts. He'd also sometimes try various jobs, such as hairdressing (he once offered to give a Beatles style boy band haircuts, and shaved them bald!) and window cleaning, among others. Before long, three nephews appeared, Nip, Lip and Rrip. Korky would often have trouble from these three kits. Often, he'll have to chase away mice who raid his larder. However, more recently, he's counted one mouse, named Squeak, as a friend.

Phil Corbett's 21st century Korky

In the mid 2000s, he disappeared from The Dandy, but in 2010, appeared once again with a new look, in a series of three-panel newspaper style strips, which can be quite surreal. One strip has him stood next to a road, and a mouse in a miniature car stops. In the next panel, his nose turns green, and the car moves along, with Korky commenting in the final panel "That was odd".

Korky appeared on the front cover of The Dandy from 1937 until 1984, when Desperate Dan replaced him. From then until 1998, Korky would stand proudly next to the Dandy logo.

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