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The Christmas Monster

Korgo pursues The Human Torch in an attempt to get his "Dinner" back.
2,000 years ago Korgo came to Iarmailt, Scotland from another world and transformed it into a Paradise. One that was free of Crime, Sickness, Unemployment and even Death. But in return for the gifts he bequeathed unto Humanity, Korgo demanded that the townspeople would have to sacrifice one child of his choosing every 25 years on Christmas Day. Feeling that the benefits outweighed the costs, the townspeople agreed and began worshiping Korgo as their Lord and Savior.

 In 1984, Rhona King (Maiden Name Unknown) had become pregnant with a son and when Korgo decided to choose her unborn son for his "Christmas Dinner" she attempted to flee Iarmailt. Unfortunately she was stopped by the other townspeople and after giving birth to her son, the poor unnamed infant was sacrificed to Korgo.

25 years later just prior to The Skrull Invasion of Earth, The Fantastic Four went to Iarmailt to visit Mr. Fantastic's cousin Hamish and his Family. Little did they know Hamish and his wife Muriel had learned that Korgo had chosen their son Angus to be sacrificed, but they refused to let Korgo do so and proposed to him an alternative sacrifice: one of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman's children. Korgo apparently agreed to the proposal and one night after The Fantastic Four's arrival in Iarmailt he chose Valeria over Franklin. On Christmas Day, Franklin and Valeria were given flight jackets and while trying them out the two ventured out into a forest on the edge of town...alone. Some of the townspeople captured Valeria while Franklin was distracted and imprisoned her in Korgo's subterranean palace.

The Invisible Woman uses the power of Christ to crush Korgo.
When Franklin told everyone that Valeria had gone missing The Fantastic Four forced the townspeople to conduct an area-wide manhunt. But it was Valeria's Uncle, Johnny Storm (a.k.a. The Human Torch) who discovered the location of Korgo's palace and found Valeria...and Korgo. Furious that Johnny was trying to take his "Dinner" from him Korgo lashed out at him. Johnny struck back with his flame abilities only to discover that Korgo's skin was made of asbestos and therefore was impervious to fire. Deciding that he needed to get Korgo out into the open, Johnny took off with Valeria and traveled up to the surface with Korgo hot on their trail.

Korgo's Dark Reign finally comes to an end...
Korgo immediately became embroiled in a massive conflict with The Fantastic Four in the heart of Iarmailt and proved to be almost unbeatable...that is until Sue used her powers to drop the town's Cathedral on Korgo and The Thing, wanting to make sure that Korgo was truly down for the count, smashed a Bus into one of Korgo's temples.

Six months later Rhona sent a letter to The Invisible Woman which revealed both the fate of Iarmailt and Korgo himself. Without Korgo's powers to sustain it, the town fell apart and it's inhabitants were scattered to the four corners of the Earth. This resulted in Rhona meeting her new husband, a man named Christopher King as well as becoming pregnant with her second child. As for Korgo, he was imprisoned in a wildlife preserve Mr. Fantastic had constructed specifically for him. The letter also revealed that Korgo was an extraterrestrial and that he had come from another world entirely.

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