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Weird Worlds

Korghan and Tanga Meet

Korghan first appeared on the scene in Weird Worlds. He ran into Tanga while looking for Berilidos at the bar on Cammera. Korghan is a fearless warrior with a considerable amount of raw strength. Bent described Korghan as, "a legendary fighter". When a monster attacked the bar, Korghan was the first to confront the beast. He was, unfortunately, unable to defeat the beast and lost his arm in the process. It is revealed in a later issue that Korghan possesses the ability to regenerate and regrow limbs.

My Greatest Adventure

When Tanga is just about fed up with Cammera, its people, and the strange surge of monster attacks, Korghan explained to her that he knows someone who can make sense of everything. Korghan escorted Tanga to the residence of Berilidos, an offworlder who studied the genetic make up of the monsters that attacked the Cammerans.

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