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Story 1: While Korak sets fishing nets with Pahkut in a river, a sudden flash flood brings a large chest that they pull to shore. It has two bearing poles attached. The chest contains two dwarf Arabs with large turbans. Instead of thanking Korak for saving them, they order him and the ape to carry their chest home. Laughing, Korak and Pahkut turn away to leave and the two surprisingly lithe dwarfs leap upon their backs. With poisoned thumb rings the dwarfs, Eld and Middo, with telepathic powers, force the pair to carry them on their shoulders over hill and dale to a strange city. There they are met by the servants of the two dwarves, and Korak and Pahkut are released. But Pahkut attacks them and they paralyze him with a dart tipped with euphorbia. Outnumbered, Korak follows them from afar and observes where the body of the ape is taken-- to a narrow gap in a large cliff. By night he scales the cliff and enters a strange forest of gigantic trees, where the race of dwarves sleep among the roots. In the middle of the wood is a large carniverous tree, that the dwarves feed in order that they can drink of its sacred milk and thus acquire their unusual powers. Korak finds Pahkut lying beside the tree, but he is also hit by a euphorbia dart and falls. At dawn the tree feeds. But a thunderstorm delays the plant’s functions long enough for Korak to regain some movement and start a grass fire with two stones. The fire engulfs the tree and the poisonous fumes kill off the watching tribe of dwarves, who are standing downwind.

Story 2: Korak saves the Wagamba village from a rogue bull elephant by hurling a flaming brand at its nose. The chief explains that the elephant is the god of the larger neighboring Watembi tribe, and to harm it would mean war. When it returns across the river, the Watembi notice the injury to the elephant and decide to wage war. Korak crosses the river and attempts to kill Umbaya Tembo from the trees with his bow, but barely escapes the Watembi. That night, Korak and Pahkut bring down a wild pig for supper and get some sleep in the jungle. At dawn the Watembi push across the river but Korak enrages the elephant with arrows so that it chases him. Taunting it, he flees rapidly to the edge of a cliff and hurls himself over the edge. Korak is able to catch hold of some brush where Pahkut grasps him, but the elephant charges over the cliff and is destroyed. The Watembi are then routed by the Wagamba warriors and driven back across the river.







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