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Korak and N'kima take a canoe by river to investigate a strange tale of giant frogs. As they near the village, Korak spies a leopard about to spring onto a white baby on the shore. He spears the cat through the heart just in time, just as its parents, a missionary couple, run up to find the boy. They take Korak back to their home for some hospitality, and explain that the villagers, guided by the witch-doctor, are going to sacrifice a goat to the giant frog that very night. Korak finds a comfy spot in a high tree to observe the frog. Meanwhile Nkima teases baby Carl back out into the jungle yet again, and down to the falls where the sacrifice is being made. The two wander out onto a slippery log overhanging the waterfalls when Korak spies them. He manages to save the baby, but Nkima falls, and the giant frog waiting below immediately licks the monkey up with his tongue. Korak spears the frog through the heart, and dives into the falls after it. He has to drag the massive corpse onto a rock, where he frees the monkey, trapped inside the gullet. Several other giant frogs are attracted to Korak and he has a time trying to fight them and escape. They return to the village before the people return from the sacrifices, and Korak searches the witch doctor's hut, finding a large frog costume with which the scoundrel has been extorting protection money from the tribe. Nkima accidentally triggers a large, booby-trapped mask on the wall that emits a poison knock-out gas directly into Korak's face. The witch doctor finds him in his hut just as he is regaining consciousness, and a fierce fight ensues. Korak ties him up, dresses him in the frog costume and then hauls him into the street to meet the returning citizens. The people turn rapidly into a lynch mob when they find out the truth, and Korak frees the witch doctor so that he can have a chance for escape. He hurls a poison snake at the apelad and flees to the falls, where he takes a dramatic dive into the foam, still wearing the frog suit.







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Mike Royer’s artwork is pretty good. In addition to providing his usual fan service by being a walking shirtless scene, Korak becomes a dude in distress in this story. Korak investigates a witch doctor’s hut with his troublesome friend N’kima. N’kima accidentally trips a booby trap which blows knockout gas into the jungle boy’s face. The youth is unconscious and vulnerable to the returning witch doctor, who intends to stab the boy to death. In this story, Korak comes across as a handsome boy sco...

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