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Story 1: Korak and Pahkut are out fishing in the ocean in a canoe, when a luxury yacht carelessly rams them, breaking the canoe and causing the pair to have to swim to shore. The act was the reckless deed of Freddie Bayne, who is on an ocean trip with Jules and Clarice D’Arnot, the brother and niece of Tarzan’s friend, Paul D’Arnot. Soon a terrific storm comes up, and through the folly of Bayne the ship is grounded on a mud bank. Bayne goes out with his gun exploring and comes upon Korak and Pahkut sharing a wart hog for supper. Bayne makes a grab for Pahkut’s share of meat and Korak barely manages to keep the two from killing each other. Korak carries the remainder of the hog to the party stranded on the beach, and meets the two admiring relatives of D’Arnot. Meanwhile, a boatload of pirates have been wrecked by the same storm, and they come upon the helpless party while Korak and Pahkut watch from the jungle. Impersonating a lion, Korak rescues Clarice from their clutches.The pirates then row out to the grounded yacht to try to pull it loose, with the rising of the tide later that night, and steal it. Korak and Pahkut decide to swim out to the boat after dark to regain it for the D’Arnots, when Bayne insists on coming in order to redeem himself. They successfully board the vessel and have a violent battle with the small crew of pirates. Pahkut goes wild with a cutlass he picks up, and soon the pirates are restrained. When they return on the lifeboat for the D’Arnots, Korak and Pahkut disappear into the Jungle.

Story 2: Korak comes upon a dying bull buffalo, and removes the fragment of arrow from its shoulder. After several days of Korak's nursing, it returns to its full health, and the young man rides the bull across country, curious to learn of its herd. He names the bull Go-Zan. Topping a rise, they come upon a tribal procession, and Go-Zan recognizes one of the warriors as the one who shot him. He rushes down to attack him, bursting through the procession and overturning the queen's box, and chases him into the river. Korak and Go-Zan emerge on the other side and continue their journey until they find the herd of buffalo. Before Go-Zan rushes down the attack the new bull, Korak dismounts and starts his return journey. But the warriors of the queen have set a net in the forest to trap him, and he is captured and taken to their village. Here Korak learns that the queen wishes him to marry one of her homely daughters, which he refuses. He is placed in a dangling cage in the market. Later, smelling the nearness of the buffalo tribe, Korak cries to Go-Zan and the bull leads the herd to stampede the village, freeing the son of Tarzan.







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Russ Manning's artwork is outstanding. In addition to providing his usual fan service by being a walking shirtless scene, Korak becomes a dude in distress in one of the stories. In the second story, after rescuing a buffalo, Korak is ambushed by a group of tribesmen. While passing under a tree, a net falls upon the unsuspecting jungle boy. He is subdued, tied up, brought before the old queen to marry one of her daughters, and is placed in a small cage, until the buffalo rescues him by having his...

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