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The Honorable Grandson

The village which gave him a name

A child whose parents have yet to be seen, but Konohamaru is a child of great status in the hidden leaf village. Konohamaru is the grandson of Hiruzen Sarutobi.....The man who is more commonly known as the third Hokage. Due to this Konohamaru is also the nephew of Asuma Saurotbi one of the village’s best jonin's. It is also known that he was named after the village in which he was born to. Any other child would have been happy with being named after one the great villages, and being the grandson to a great Hokage, but life for this young child was not as easy as many would believe.

Growing up Konohamaru was never seen as his own shinobi, and never truly acknowledged as an individual. Due to his status as the Hokage’s grandson, he was always seen as the honorable grandson. The village always referred to him as the Hokage’s grandson, and never saw him for who he was. They never even called him by his given name, even though he was named after the village. In many ways Konohamaru is like Naruto, but because of his status not much is ever done. Because he wanted to be his own man, and come away from being the honorable grandson, Konohamaru wished to be Hokage, and would often attack his grandfather, but with little success. Always being watched and stopped by his tutor Ebisu, and helped by his friends and team mates....Udon and Moegi.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto

Konohamaru makes his first official appearance, during a meeting that Naruto is having with the Hokage, about the picture he took. As always Konohamaru arrives with the intent on taking down his grandfather. Sliding with a kunai in his hand....Being chased by Ebisu. The third seems only slightly annoyed by his grandson’s antics. As always Konohamaru fails in his attempt, tripping over his own feet and falling to the ground. Konohamaru firmly believes that a trap was set and upon seeing Naruto instantly blames him. Angry Naruto grabs a hold of Konohamaru, and is told who he is. Konohamaru believes that Naruto is like the others and wont do anything but is shocked when Naruto hits him. This act begins his interest in Naruto.

After that Konohamaru begins to follow Naruto around the village, using stealth techniques that he believes are good but are below amateur at best. Annoyed by being followed Naruto tells Konohamaru to stop following him. Impressed by Naruto....Konohamaru makes Naruto his boss and asks him to teach him the sexy technique that Naruto used to defeat the Hokage. Naruto agrees, and begins training Konohamaru, the two developing not just a tutor student relationship but a brotherly one. At first Konohamaru is just like Naruto....Always failing and never getting his transformation right. Konohamaru also explains the reason why he attacks his grandfather. Naruto calls him a brat and states if he really wants to become Hokage...He must beat him.

Mastering the Sexy Technique

During their talk....Ebisu eventually finds Konohamaru and tells him to return...In which Konohamaru replies by saying he will defeat his grandfather and become Hokage. Ebisu states that a Hokage must have skills in all areas of the shinobi and must master over 1000 Justus. Konohamaru responds by using the sexy technique, turning himself into a beautiful woman. Though shocked the technique doesn’t seem to have any real effect on Ebisu. He then tries to drag Konohamaru away, calling Naruto trash and that he is the worst chance Konohamaru has of becoming Hokage. Naruto then uses his own sexy technique but with shadow clones. Konohamaru finds it a great technique, but is till upset that no one sees him for him. Naruto tells him there are no shortcuts, and that from now on they are rivals, for the title of Hokage. Konohamaru then tells Naruto that he is no longer his boss but his rival for the tittle of Hokage.



After that Konohamaru does not appear in the series all that often...Though he does make a few minor appearances. He is often shown with his team mates and at times Ebisu. Due to Naruto's training he seems to have matured much more, realizing it will take a lot of hard work for him to achieve his goal. Often he is seen trying to impress Naruto and just hang around with him. One notable incident is when he bumps into Kankuro of the sand village, because Sakura hit him for calling her ugly, because she hit Naruto. Luckily he is saved by Naruto...But upon seeing Sasuke is impressed more with him than Naruto. Saying Naruto is weaker than Sasuke.

Hokage's Death


The saddest moment in his life, death is never easy to deal with especially at such a young age. Though he dreamed of defeating his grandfather and taking over as Hokage, Konohamaru deep down loved him. It was during the invasion of Konoha by Orochimaru. Being an academy student Konohamaru was kept away, and hidden from the battle under the care of the tutors. Knowing full well out in battle they would not stand a chance. During that great battle. His grandfather died during his battle with Orochimaru. Two days after that fateful day. A funeral was held. Konohamaru cried, and was consoled by Iruka as a saddened Naruto looked on. The death of his grandfather hurt deeply.

Accepting A New Hokage

A new hokage

After the death of his grandfather Konohamaru lost interest in his rivalry with Naruto, and no longer looked to him for guidance. He felt the village was much more important especially after the attack. As time went on he began to see Naruto more as a brother but still kept a small rivalry going. Though he believes Naruto will one day become Hokage, showing great trust in him, and that he will be the Hokage after that. Upon the arrival of Tsunade, the newest Hokage. Konohamaru is angry, believing that she will make a terrible Hokage, and that she will never be as good as the third was. Though he does not accept her at first he later does once seeing her strength.


Growing up

After the two and a half year times skip.....Konohamaru still hangs around with his friends, and has managed to become a Genin. His appearance has also changed slightly, growing taller, having a different color of clothing, and now supporting a longer scarf. Tsunade states that he is the next Naruto a man he still looks up to, and believes will become the sixth Hokage. Konohamaru introduces himself once Naruto returns from training, and shows him his new and improved sexy technique. Naruto tells him they are no longer children, and that he should no longer use such techniques. Who then is about to show his own improved version. Only to have Sakura attack him, this scared Konohamaru.


Not long after, the time skip and only a few years since his grandfather died, Konohamaru had to suffer another loss, this time it was his uncle Asuma who was taking away from him. Konohamaru was saddened, and like he did at the previous funeral he cried for his grandfather. He is later reveals that he has learned how to create a clone, and shows it to Naruto, but does not stop there. He goes on to use the double knock out sexy technique. Transforming himself and his clone into two girls, which prompts a suprised reaction from naruto and a slap by Sakura, and told the technique was useless. Konohamaru then used the technique, to change into Sasuke and Sai, which caused Sakura to show the same type of reaction, the men usually do when shown the sexy technique.

The Invasion of Pain

Pein invades

During the invasion of Pain, Konohamaru is one of the many leaf village shinobi to be caught in the attack. During the of extracting information one of Pain's bodies and from two other shinobi,, he witnesses it from behind a corner, looking shocked and confused. Trying to get away he hits his head, which causes Pain to see him. Right before the Naraka path can move on Konohamaru, Ebisu jumps in so he can get away. Konohamru the begins to wonder if he should really run away. Looking on as Ebisu decides not to tell Pain anything Konohamru begins to feel sad, and looks back when Naruto said he would teach him a technique. Plucking up the courage he threw some kunai which distracted Pain, and released Ebisu. He then said he would fight him.

The Rasengan


Ebisu shocked, wonders why Konohamaru didn't run, as he could become Hokage someday. Konohamaru then says, that he made a promise to brother Naruto that they would fight over the title of Hokage. Konohamru states, that the two are rivals, and that if he runs Naruto wont be there waiting for him. Konohamru and Naraka cross paths and start to fight, and Konohamaru knows if he gets caught he will be dead. Holding his own for a little bit he manages to get caught. It is then revealed to be a shdow clone, and the real Konohamaru and another clone appears behind naraka and hits him with the rasengan. Konohamaru then says "I am a genin of the sarutobi clan, named after this village....I am Sarutobi konohamaru and dont you forget it"

A Hero

Just before Naruto takes of to the meeting of the Kage's, he and Konohamaru meet up, and start doing the sexy technique. Konohamaru realised that he was getting far behind Naruto, which shouldn't happen as they are rivals. Naruto then complimented Konohamaru on using the rasengan against Pain, which made him very happy. Naruto claiming he was a true hero, and that he had learned faster than Naruto had. Naruto then promises to teach him a bigger one.


Konohamru has yet to reveal his true powers, and has yet to be seen in any real battles which show his skills in the fullest, with only a few techniques shown. First of all due to his training with Naruto, many of his techniques are like his rivals. He has mastered the sexy technique, and the rasengan. Though he requires a clone to form the rasengan, and a clone to help him use it. He has also show great reflexes and great accuracy. He is also known to use Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (multi shadow clone jutsu).

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