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Her origin and real name unknown, Konk is simply known for being one of the newest recruits to Xanthu's Uncanny Amazers. She was one of the few superbeings born on the distant planet and despite her unusual ability to separate her head and her body was admitted to the group. Due to the mobility of Konk's head since it could float unaided, she often acted as the team's spy by sending her head places others couldn't travel. She was one of the Uncanny Amazers who greeted and later battled a team of Legionnaires in order to retrieve Star Boy for their team. She incapacitated Gates but was ultimately defeated. Later, she watched as a cry for help was given to fight Mordru the Merciless but was not one of the Amazers chosen to be on that mission.
She was last seen with the team fending off an invasion on Xanthu, which the Khunds and the Uncanny Amazers successfully contained. She wasn't mentioned when the Shade took over Xanthu nor more importantly when Robotica invaded and took over Xanthu. She was never indicated to be deceased, though Xanthu did take heavy casualties during Robotica's invasion.

Powers and Abilities

Konk was able to detach her head from her body, though if physical force for this to occur was never explained. As an independent entity, the head could hover and was fully functional with all five senses still. Her body likewise seemed to have full mobility without a head, so long as Konk could see it and tell it what to do. Konk's head acted as a spy for the Uncanny Amazers, travelling through small spaces and into the sky with its levitation. She could also use the detachment speed of her head to ram other people. Konk's head could presumably reattach itself, and it was said that if her body and head didn't reattach within one hour the head would die. She would ultimately grow a new one.

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