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Komodo first appeared in Green Arrow #17, and was created by Green Arrow writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino.


Simon Lacroix, the man who became Komodo, was born into a poor family, but became a high-ranking member of Queen Industries; he was even taught archery by Robert Queen, father of Oliver Queen. Lacroix was part of Queen's expedition to find the legendary "Green Arrow" - a mystical arrow belonging to the head of the Arrow Clan, said to bring its owner true enlightenment and even immortality. However, the Outsiders - the union of the seven "weapon clans"- appealed to Lacroix's greed and convinced him to kill Robert, leaving himself the only contender to become the new head of the Arrow Clan. He also kidnapped Emiko, the daughter of Robert and the Japanese archer Shado, and handed Shado to Count Vertigo of Vlatava, where she was imprisoned. Lacroix adopted the identity of the masked archer Komodo, and continued to work with the Outsiders through their front corporation, Stellmoor International.

Major Story Arcs

The Kill Machine

After Stellmoor bought out Queen Industries, Lacroix's first act as Komodo was to murder the CEO of Queen Industries and destroy Q-Core, framing Oliver Queen for the former crime. Aware of Ollie's double life as Green Arrow, Komodo tricked Ollie into believing his assistants Jax and Naomi were killed when Q-Core exploded; Komodo had actually taken them hostage, but killed Jax when he refused to talk.

Komodo then clashed with Green Arrow a second time, with assistance from Emiko. Combined, they hit Oliver seven times, although he still managed to escape.

In their most recent battle, Komodo used Naomi as bait, leading Green Arrow to the Queen family mausoleum. This time, Ollie emerged the victor, stabbing Komodo's left eye out with an arrow.

The Outsiders War

When Golgotha, leader of the Spear Clan, brought the clans of the Outsiders together, Komodo, believing Golgotha to be an inferior leader, killed him and took over leadership of the Outsiders for himself. The clans that pledged their loyalty to Komodo began a plan to take over Europe, but were stopped by the intervention of Green Arrow, Robert Queen, Shado, Magus, and the Sword and Axe Clans, led respectively by Katana and John Butcher. Komodo managed to kill Robert with an arrow through the chest, but was killed in the same way himself by Emiko, who turned on Komodo after learning the truth of her parentage

Powers and Abilities

Komodo is a normal human, but with peak abilities and proficiency with a bow and arrows.

Agility - Seen in his battle with Ollie. Draws the bow quicker than the normal human.

Leadership - Ability to rally the Outsiders after a coup.

Marksmanship - He is proficient with a bow and arrow.

Stamina - As an armed combatant he requires unimaginable stamina to sustain a melee.

Weapons master - Proficient with a bow and arrows.

Equipment and Weapons

Bow and Arrow

A standard bow and arrow combination.

In Other Media



Komodo will appear in Season 3, portrayed by Matt Ward. This version of the character will be African-American rather than white.

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