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In February 1975 Swiss publisher Gevacur and British publisher IPC launched two comics simultaneously in Germany and Britain respectively, both reprinting past IPC strips reformatted to resemble the US comic style. What was most notable about these two comics, Gevacur's Kobra and IPC's Vulcan, was that they were, bar language used and title, identical to one another. However, Kobra would prove much longer lived than its twin, lasting over three years compared to Vulcan's year.

The initial line-up for Kobra was Mytek - Das Monster (Mytek the Mighty), Spiderman (The Spider), Sabor - Der Dschungelkönig (Saber), Das Reich Trigan (The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire), Die eiserne Hand (The Steel Claw), Das magische Auge (Kelly's Eye) and Archie - Der Mann aus Stahl (Robot Archie). While most of these strips would last the entire length of Kobra's lifetime, other strips were gradually introduced, including Zip Nolan, Johnny Puma (Johnny Cougar), Martin's Super-Mini, Deckname - Tigerhai (Codename: Barracuda), Dr. Karnak (Dr. Mesmer), Die Kämpfe der Seewölfe (Karl the Viking), Mick und Mack (The Wild Wonders), Pit und die Polypenflanzen (Pete's Pocket Army) and Storm. Kobra came to an end after 167 issues in April 1978.

Numbering note: Kobra was numbered on the cover, but by which week in the year it was, rather than by issue number. Thus the cover of the first issue is numbered 7, as it was released in the seventh week of 1975, and is here numbered 7507.

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