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Kobra was first introduced in Mortal Kombat Deception as a handsome yet mentally disturbed young man wearing a Karate outfit. He was born in New York City and practiced Karate and kick boxing for a long time. He was said to be the best in his martial arts class but wanted to find out just how good he really was. He wondered what bones would really break and what organs he could really rupture, so it was then he would go into the dark alleys of New York and fight muggers and gangbangers for his own amusement.

Kobra extremely eager to crush some skulls, Kabal needs to hold back this sadistic fighter.

Later on Kobra would end up killing his first human being and got such a rush from it he would then end up doing it every chance he got against other street thugs, until he decided to rob convenient stores and kill the workers just for fun. Kobra would then be caught by the police, and then immediately rescued by Kabal and Kira. Kabal would then offer Kobra to join the Black Dragon clan and Kobra could not wait to start killing with all his brutal techniques again.


Kobra is an attractive young guy in his early to mid twenties with shoulder length blonde hair and dressed in a Karate uniform. He looks similar to Ken from the fighting game Street Fighter.

In his alternate outfit, Kobra is wearing more of a Kickboxing uniform that bears a striking resemblance to the Cobra Kai outfit from the classic 80's movie Karate Kid.

Fighting Styles and Special Moves

Kobra with his new machete

Kobra's fighting styles in Mortal Kombat Deception are Shorin Ryu Karate and all American Kickboxing. He also was very talented in using Kali Sticks which were his weapon of choice in that game. In Mortal Kombat Armageddon, he only fights using kickboxing and decided to try out a machete instead of his signature Kali sticks.

Special moves

Windmill Kick: Kobra slips forward and performs a kick literally representing a windmill motion sending his opponent off through the air for a devastating pop up attack

Burning Fist: Kobra dashes forward and performs a powerful flaming punch to the gut knocking his enemy right onto their back

Tele-Punch: Kobra smokes out of the screen and then smokes back into the screen suddenly right behind his foe and punches them hard in the spine causing them to cry out in pain and fall forward

Chi blast and Crouching Chi blast: Kobra puts his hands in front of him together and sends a fire ball out at his opponent and in crouching chi blast he does the same thing except he crouches, thus hitting his foe in the legs. (Excellent for a low attack)


The following is the text from Kobra's Mortal Kombat Deception ending:

Kabal brought his new recruits to Outworld, where a siege was underway against the Dragon King. Kobra grew impatient. He wanted to join the fray, but Kabal held him back. They were not to attack until the heroes had won. Once the Dragon King was defeated, Kabal gave the order to strike the victors. The new Black Dragon tore through the ranks and left no survivors. Kobra came to realize that he was going to like being a Black Dragon.

Here is the text from Kobra's Mortal Kombat Armageddon ending:

Because of his victory over Blaze, Kobra's strength was increased a thousand-fold. Emboldened, he demanded that the Elder Gods declare him Lord of the Realms. They assented, but added that no lord should be without his lady. Kobra chooses Kira to rule at his side, and the Elder Gods transformed her into a goddess of death. With a kiss, Kira extinguished Kobra's life force and reduced his body to dust. Let all who would make demands of the Elder Gods beware.

Fatalities and Hara Kiri

Kobra rips out his clones heart

Heart Shallow: Similar to Kano's signature fatality, Kobra shoves his fist into his opponents chest and rips their heart out. As they are screaming in pain and disbelief, Kobra adds insult to injury by shoving their heart into their open mouth as they then fall to the ground and die.

Right after the last kick

1, 2, KICK: Kobra bends his opponent over and knees them not once, but twice in the ribs. He then backs up and does a super round house kick to their head kicking it clean off. As blood spurts out of their body, it collapses onto the ground and Kobra stands proud and victorious.

Hara Kiri: Kobra accepting defeat, rips his own heart out. Screaming, he falls to the ground in pain as he quickly dies.

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