Knuckles The Echinda Graphic Novels?

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We are well aware of Sonic Archives that are coming out (I planning to buy the one with End Game saga when it comes out.) but what Knuckles's comic book series? It had alot of background and character devolpement for the Rad-Red rival of Sonic before Shadow showed up.

I used to see some back orders for the Knuckles series in the order forms in the Sonic The Hedgehog comics. But that's almost a year ago and now I don't seem them anymore in today's issues' forms. I would have bought them earlier... but I sort of spend my money on other comics (not to mention I was too embarrassed to ask my Dad for help with the order form payment :P ). But if this series came out as a graphic novel, I would definitely buy it. I would love to read about General Stryker's disgruntle take on Dingo-ism from the echidnas or how Knuckles had to deal with his parents divorce and his Mother's remarriage. (Can't believe that the series was written for children.)

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wait.Sonic the hedgeSilverZeo said:

"Knuckles had to deal with his parents divorce and his Mother's remarriage.


wait....sonic the hedgehog is turning into a soap opera?
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Repeatedly hits his forehead against a rock, trying to pry this from his mind.
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give me that rock when you're done

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Oh ha ha, guys. I know I may sound like a nerd, but hey, we're all nerd on this website. Besides, hero with social problems are better than alcoholic heroes or ones who go emo.

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oh great grapic novel

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