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Contrary to popular belief following her first appearance on to the superhero scene, Knockout is actually flat-chested, but during the time she was employed by Capes Inc, she wore a pair of prosthetic breast enhancements as part of her superhero costume because, in her words, "the world just doesn't want flat-chested superheroines". Apparently this held true for her employers, as her salary did indeed double after she started wearing them.

When the Guardians of the Globe held a membership drive after Invincible left Earth to fight in the Viltrumite War, Knockout and her teammate/boyfriend Kid Thor were selected to become Canada's representatives on the Guardians of the Globe. She has been part of the fights against The Walking Dread and the new War Woman, both of The Order. After joining the Guardians, she stopped wearing her prosthetics altogether, and apparently hold no shame at being flat-chested, possibly because people actually like a superheroine that breaks the mold and shows the world that you don't need to look like someone else's idea of beauty to be a superhero.

Recently, she found herself on the recieving end of Outrun's romantic advances, something that visibly unnerved her. She hadn't expected the speedster to be so forward, and rebuffed her, which inturn caused Outrun to call her both "untight" and "old-fashioned." Knockout responded in annoyance by referring to herself as a "one-partner-at-a-time type," but had her thought cut short by Ms. Popper, who had teleported in to the Guardian's HQ to ask for their assistance in a situation that Best Tiger, Kaboomerang, Japandroid, and Samson were dealing with in Kuwait. Both heroines were more than happy to agree and joined the fray, ready to blow off some steam by busting heads.

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