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Collects Knights of the Dinner Table #10-12 with extra features. Includes the original stories have been enhanced with additional footnotes and a cleaner visual presentation for your reading pleasure. Many references in the current magazine are better understood in the context of the stories contained in these volumes - the NPCs Gilead and Joinid Coincrawler make their first appearances as does Virtual Hackmaster and the conspiracy game Hack'Noia. Extra goodies include a special KoDT strips appearing nowhere else and humerous KoDT trivia. Definitely a must-buy for the new KoDT fan and a cherished collectible for the long-time fan!

Table of Contents

The Strips

  • Let the GM be a Lady Tonight!
  • The Spyder Pits of Queen Krawler
  • The Temp
  • The Empty Chair
  • A Little Help?
  • Let's Make A Deal
  • Blood Bath at the Games Pit
  • The Venus Elixir
  • An Overbearing Situation
  • Just for the Helm of it
  • The Price of Passage
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Unlucky

The Bonus Strips

  • De-Meritorious Conduct
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Weird Pete is GMing for the Knights, and Bob wants to leave his 'calling card'.
  • Let Dead Dwarves Lie
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Bob's dwarf dies and Brian refuses to allow B.A. to have him raised.
  • Takin' Out Bobarello
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Sequel to "Let the GM be a Lady Tonight"







Story Arcs

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