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Collects Knights of the Dinner Table #1-3 with extra features. Includes the story of "Dave's First Game", the Gazebo urban legend and extensive character biographies. Knights of the Dinner Table is the longest running comic on the subject of games ever! Though B.A., Brian, Bob, Dave and Sara may play different characters in different games, their personalities always shine through. KoDT also features articles for gamers from a gamer's perspective. A hilarious and hysterical slice of (fantasy) life in strips and a wonderful celebration of the gaming culture.

Table of Contents

The Strips

  • Lair of the Gazebo
  • A Question of Honor
  • By the Book
  • Attack of the Rules Lawyer
  • Let the Dice Fall Where They May
  • The Farmer Wars
  • The Wonderful GaryCon Adventure
  • Diminishing Returns
  • Plea for Help
  • First Impressions
  • The Cows of War
  • Lords of Darkness
  • Angel of Mercy
  • Spell-Jacked
  • The Great Revolt
  • Dueling GameMasters
  • A Critical Situation
  • Attack of the Snow Beasts
  • The Sticky Notes of War
  • The Samer It Gets
  • The Guest GM
  • Tough Noogies
  • Death by Repetition
  • I Got a Rock!

The Bonus Strips

  • Dave's First Game
    • A Retro KODT strip: Dave's very first exposure to role-playing.







Story Arcs

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