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When the Fables left the Homelands and migrated to the Mundane world, they decided to ingratiate themselves with the general populace but still be an isolated community. Knowing that emergencies would arise that needed medical attention, the Knights of Malta hospital was established with Doctor Swineheart being the head physician and Mrs. Sprat being the head nurse. Of course, "mundies" can use the hospital as well, but there is a restricted wing that Swineheart and Sprat run that only Fables will ever see. 

When Boy Blue sustained massive injuries at the hands of Baba Yaga (who was posing as Red Riding Hood), he was taken to the Knights of Malta hospital to treat his injuries. Being, primarily, a battle surgeon, Dr. Swineheart patched Blue up, bandaged the vorpal sword to his hands, and sent him back to Fabletown in order to help in the ensuing battle with the Wooden Soldiers

Later, when Snow was giving birth, Dr. Swineheart delivered her babies. Much to Snow's surprise, she had seven children (although she only knew about six at the time). 

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