Batgirl villain Knightfall looks like Spoiler

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Is New 52 Stephanie Brown the new Batgirl villain? Her dad was Cluemaster, she has a messed up history, maybe instead of the hero path in this universe she goes evil. The female villain is blonde, has a purple hood and went crazy from a troubled past. Thoughts? Am I crazy? I guess I just really want Stephanie in the New 52 haha

#2 Posted by Durakken (1591 posts) - - Show Bio

why not. They screwed up every other character...

#3 Posted by Falconer (155 posts) - - Show Bio

Uh, her name isn't even remotely close to Stephanie's... so no.

#4 Posted by CrimsonCake (2682 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't see her as a villain.

#5 Posted by clemj (817 posts) - - Show Bio

hu hu? you seriously want her as a villain? Bendis!!!! come over here my friend...

#6 Posted by Midnight Orchid (232 posts) - - Show Bio

No. Gail Simone would have mentioned if she was allowed to use Stephanie. And she does respect the character, so this is just some random villain.

#7 Edited by DarkerPhoenix (21 posts) - - Show Bio
these are the images for Knightfall, new Batgirl VIllian, on comic vine..... wishful thinking on my part but pretty uncanny resemblance to steph/ spoiler
#8 Posted by The_Tree (7932 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope it's not Steph. To see her go crazy and become a villain would feel incredibly out of the blue, and really screw up her character.

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