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Taking on Ironman

The Knight was one of Obadiah Stane's Chessmen. For his first mission mission Stane sent Heggs to intercept Tony Stark's flight to New Mexico and to kill him at last. With his hoovering “steed” and energetic spear, Knight tried downing Stark's aircraft as it was en route, but Tony managed to affect repairs on the plane using his Iron Man armor and got to his destination safely. The Knight made a second attempt to kill Stark at the compound of an Irish terrorist, where he gained the upper hand thanks to his spear easily penetrating Stark’s armor, and he came close to kill him more than once. However, Iron Man managed to defeat the Knight with an explosion, after tricking him to assume a defending position. Knocked out, Heggs was arrested, and incarcerated. Soon after, another of Stane's Chessmen, the Bishop, arrived to punish the Knight for his failures. Breaking Heggs out of prison, he flew him high into the sky then dropped him, letting him plummet to his death.

Other Media


All Hail the King

Allen Maldonado as Fletcher Heggs

Fletcher Heggs is portrayed by Allen Maldonado as an inmate at Seagate Prison. He is a fan of fellow inmate Trevor Slattery, acting as his protection from other, more violent prisoners, and frequently asking him to do lines from his performance as The Mandarin.

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