agentofanarchy's Knight and Squire #6 - For Six: Part Six review

Where was the fun?

I admit I do not like this series (see previous review) However when I saw that the Joker was making an appearance I continued reading.
The good.
It was nice to see the Joker making an appearance, it seems likely that the Joker would want to interfere with a copy cat.
The Bad.
This issue and previous ones seem to have no spark, I was not on the edge of my seat at all. The Joker seamed out of character and his jokes sub-par. It seems that english superhero's and villians just plod along at a leasurly pace and this seemed to be the flow of the comic. None of there interactions make sense, maybe it's just me but I cant get to grips with there 'accents', I am english and don't think I have ever heard anyone talk like these characters do. The whole arch and this issue in particular seemed like a joke and not the good kind. In future I will be sticking to my american superhero's. They dont react to a situation and talk like normal people.

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Posted by The Poet

erm...what are normal people?
I personally, thought this was an amusing tale. a statisfing experience with today's more darker heroes.

Posted by AgentOfAnarchy
@The Poet: I meant they dont talk or act like normal people xD As in I couldnt see people plausably reacting the way they did. Thanks for pointing that out.

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