duo_forbidden's Knight and Squire #5 - For Six: Part Five review

Introducing the British Joker

Synopsis: When the British Joker finds out that he's dying, before he dies, he want to go out the best way he can.  


This issue mainly focuses on The British Joker, aka. Jarvis Poker, a knockoff version of The real Joker, and the main villain for Knight and Squire. What's different about this Joker is that he IS a joke. Of course, after reading this miniseries for so long, it's all one huge joke, but in a good way. Superheroes in Great Britain are like reading the Silver Age versions of Batman and Robin. All that's missing is a theme song and wacky sound effects. Knight and Squire knows that the British Joker is dying, and is actually a decent guy, so they allow him to pull off his pranks. Paul Cornwell however, brings this bizarre world to reality when the real Joker shows up and decides to show the British Joker how to do things. Adding the fact that the conclusion will be resolved in the next issue instead in one issue is a major bonus in my book.

Jimmy Broxton's artwork fits this world of Knight and Squire. As I said earlier, this series has a Silver Age outlook that at times, doesn't take itself seriously. The colors are great by Guy Major.


I couldn't find anything wrong with this issue, other than the fact that Cornwell has teased us with single stories till now.

Overall: This is one huge game changer in the series. With one issue left, I'm sure that the finale will be great.

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