agentofanarchy's Knight and Squire #5 - For Six: Part Five review

Maybe I missed something?

This series has been my first encounter with knight and squire. I was unsure about it but being british I thought, hey show some support. Needless to say, I wish I had not. Do these two ever really fight crime? Any encounters they have seem to be over quickly and are boring. The idea of the pub seems pretty cool but the villians and heros  seem to be a joke more than threat / protection. As for this 'british wit' I personally find it annoying and even a little but insulting. Usually I tell people who get offended at this kind of thing to chill but really the way these people talk is stupid. I am not sure if it is a joke about the british or people really think we talk this, half the time I could not understand what was being said. This is the only issue I found mildly entertaining and will be reading issue 6 in the vain hope that the Joker brings something interesting to this otherwise bland comic.

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