the_poet's Knight and Squire #5 - For Six: Part Five review

Monty Python's flying circus

I have enjoyed this series. It is witty and charming. I love all the British humor (although some of the references are beyond me and my knowledge) and the creativeness of the writers. They really developed the characters into something more than just Batman's alternate counterparts.
Jarvis Poker is such an amusing villain. I mean, when we first meet him, he worked as an ally of Knight and Squire. I really didn't think highly of the character because he was just a 2 dimensional character; undeveloped. However, now that I have read his story, I think he is quite interesting. I love that they made a comic inside of a comic. I sort of wish we could see more of this character such as in his hay day (come to think of it...I wouldn't mind seeing more of the other characters either). I felt sorry for him because he couldn't do the usual criminal stuff like rob a bank without anyone taking him seriously. 
The appearance of the American Joker is a brilliant plot tool. He is Bats greatest villain, so having him in contact with the British counterparts of his enemies as well as his own "headache" is a wonderful story. I think this will be an excellent story to end our first (and hopefully not last) look into the modern lives of the Knight and Squire. "It''s..."

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Posted by MTHarman

Nice review, was about to get this issue, I guess I will now. 
Thanks for the insight.

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