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Monty Python's flying circus 0

I have enjoyed this series. It is witty and charming. I love all the British humor (although some of the references are beyond me and my knowledge) and the creativeness of the writers. They really developed the characters into something more than just Batman's alternate counterparts. Jarvis Poker is such an amusing villain. I mean, when we first meet him, he worked as an ally of Knight and Squire. I really didn't think highly of the character because he was just a 2 dimensional character; undeve...

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Maybe I missed something? 0

This series has been my first encounter with knight and squire. I was unsure about it but being british I thought, hey show some support. Needless to say, I wish I had not. Do these two ever really fight crime? Any encounters they have seem to be over quickly and are boring. The idea of the pub seems pretty cool but the villians and heros  seem to be a joke more than threat / protection. As for this 'british wit' I personally find it annoying and even a little but insulting. Usually I tell peopl...

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Introducing the British Joker 0

Synopsis: When the British Joker finds out that he's dying, before he dies, he want to go out the best way he can.   Pros: This issue mainly focuses on The British Joker, aka. Jarvis Poker, a knockoff version of The real Joker, and the main villain for Knight and Squire. What's different about this Joker is that he IS a joke. Of course, after reading this miniseries for so long, it's all one huge joke, but in a good way. Superheroes in Great Britain are like reading the Silver Age versions of ...

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