duo_forbidden's Knight and Squire #4 - For Six: Part Four review

This is why I don't bring first dates to friends or family

Synopsis: Squire goes on her first date with Shrike and Cyril fights his own armor.

What's good?

Seriously, Like Cyril, I don't see what Beryl sees in Shrike. I should be used to the English humor and the way things are run in Great Britain, but somehow I'm always surprised at what I read. Revealing you and your partner's identity to your first date is one thing. But that wasn't the best part of the issue. It was actually the small flashback on Beryl and Cyril along with a Cyril's armor suit coming to life and thinking that he's the real deal that made this issue for me.  It really shows how much Beryl means to Cyril like how much Robin means to Batman. The pacing in this issue is slightly better than the last ones.

The artwork continues to looks nice. I think Jimmy Braxton is the right guy for this series since half of the time it doesn't take itself seriously.

What's bad?

Like I said, I didn't think the Squire and Shrike "date" was a strong point of this issue. I actually found out it to be the weakest part. Sure, it was fun to watch them bicker and call themselves, "Captain Haddock style swearword icons", but it wasn't much to it.

Overall:  4 issues in, and I'm still loving the the dynamic duo of Knight and Squire.

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