duo_forbidden's Knight and Squire #3 - For Six: Part Three review

Huh. Richard III was an evil man.

Knight and Squire must stop a cloned former King Richard III from taking over the throne.....yeah, exactly how it sounds.
This issue is another example of how laid back England is. Maybe it's because I was part of the Theatre club in high school and starting back up in college, but I found myself enjoying this issue a lot more. The cloning of Richard III doesn't exactly make any sense, but Cornwell makes it work by taking a page of Shakespeare's famous plays. It was hilarious seeing Richard III using soliloquies in some pages almost breaking the 4th wall. It was also funny to see Richard III adapt to the present using things like a motorcycle or Twuntter and OohTube (Twitter and Youtube). We also find out who is Squire's boyfriend is (though I kind of wish it was Tim Drake).

Jimmy Broxton also continues to make Knight and Squire enjoyable with his artwork.

This issue has the same problem like the last two issues before it: It's ends too quickly and feels rushed. However, this was issue was stronger compared to the previous one because of quirky jokes and how this series doesn't take itself seriously.

Richard III dialogue can be a bit hard to follow because it's in a manner of called Iambic pentameter or rhythm.

Overall: The last issue was a small setback, but this issue made up for it. With only two issues left, I'm hoping this miniseries can transform into a full series. It has the potential.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Tim Drake's romantic life is a huge mess, so I'd rather they not complicated matters further. 
And there's 3 more issues left. 
But overall nice review. I felt mostly the same way. It sounds like Shrike is the link connecting these issues together, so I'll be keeping my eye out for him in the next few issues.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I was joking a bit when I mentioned Tim Drake just because of the time they spent together in that Batmen of all Nation story arc a while back and during the battle of the cowl lol.

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