the_mighty_monarch's Knight and Squire #3 - For Six: Part Three review

It's Like Watching BBC While On Acid

The Good: Paul Cornell continues to make this series constantly fun and uplifting. The whole thing begs not to be taken seriously, and it's a joyful ride the whole way through. 
There actually does finally seem to be a thread connecting the issues together to form a miniseries. 
Richard's motorcycle looks awesome. 
Seeing Shrike again, and the public's reaction to him is interesting and follows logically from #1. 
Richard does a great job of being really creepy out of the public eye. Whenever you can comprehend his dialogue it's great. 
All of Knight and Squire's back and forths are so great, and remind me a Batman and Robin the world hasn't seen for years, when both are lighthearted.
The Bad: Richard's dialogue is all olde and can be sometimes harder to follow than the rest of the crazy british dialogue. 
The issue feels a little bit rushed. The whole social networking aspect of the plot doesn't show up until the end, but sort of presumes to suggest it was there the whole time. 
'Twuntter' and 'OohTube' seem to be trying way too hard to just barely avoid being the real thing. It doesn't particularly sound clever and rubs me the wrong way. 
In Conclusion: 4/5 
The conclusion feels a bit rushed, but overall this issue is filled with an incredibly self aware sense of absolute campiness that makes it so much fun to read. The crazy british writing can be hard to decipher at times, but overall it's not too bad. I would be all for this getting an ongoing once this miniseries is over considering how many different stories take place.

Posted by NightFang

The title alone makes me, lol!

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