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Klim was created in Alphatron Criminal Clinic, which serves as a prison for handicapped villains. Four criminal geniuses decided to create something that will allow them to commit crimes again, although remotely. They stole various details from clinical equipment and secretly constructed ideal criminal. Klim soon became infamous intergalactic thief able to commit any crime. But one day Klim, after robbing a treasury clipper, ran into a team of Legionnaires that consisted of Chemical King, Cosmic Boy and Shrinking Violet. They started a pursue and chased him to Nara, the jungle planet. He tried to hide among the plants, but they were hostile and attempted to seize him. He easily went out of this situation by exposing the alien plant to 50000 degrees of thermal heat which turned it to the ash, but did no harm to Klim thanks to mysterious Insulation Metal which his body is made of. When Klim freed himself of the plant's bonds, he was immediately attacked by Cosmic Boy who pinned Klim to the nearest cliff. Then Chemical King chilled the nitrogen in the air around Klim's body until it became the liquid nitrogen when froze his precious body. Next, Shrinking Violet reduced her size and loosened the connecting bolts on Klim's head, thus detaching it from the body. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop him as his head was able to escape. At the last moment, he took a glance of the "Legionnaire" who defeated him to take revenge on him in the future, but his electronic vision was malfunctioning (as result of losing the body), so, he saw a "composite" Legionnaire, which was caused by overlapping images of Chemical King and Cosmic Boy. He successfully fled from the battlefield and directed to the asteroid Voran-4 (where Alphatron Criminal Clinic is situated). Previously Klim providently dug the deep tunnel on the surface of the asteroid and placed the secret concealment cube in it, so, after his miserable defeat he reached the tunnel and placed himself into the cube. Months after, when Klim had enough power, he started to send impulses to his body, which was placed at the Security Station ZJ. After receiving the signals the body instantly started its way to the source of the impulses - Voran-4. Chemical King, Cosmic Boy and Shrinking Violet overheard about this case and decided to chase the body straight to its destination. In the tunnel, they encountered various traps, but they didn't stopped the trio. At last, they faced their foe who was still without his body (it was buried under the rocks) and revealed horrifying truth to him. Although Klim seemed to be helpless, he claimed that they will be vaporized by his stun-vision which will be intensified by the cube's unique prisma-glass. But in this moment his voice started to sound higher which caused cube to shatter. It was explained by sabotage actions of Shrinking Violet who after reduction in size altered his voice-circuits. Klim was taken by Legionnaires as prisoner and has not been seen since.

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