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I was just pondering over this, but couldn't get to conclusion: Anybody know whether Kitty's able to touch other intangible persons\beings while phasing, or make them tangible again (counter phasing them or sumtin like that)? Another thing: Does phrasing through extremely dense material like adamantium still hurt her? Thanks for your time!

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I'm not sure.  Trance certainly managed this during a fight with Moonstone (in the X-Men: Legacy issues of the Utopia cross-over)... but I'm not sure if Kitty has been able to interact with other objects or characters that were independently phased by another source.

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@xerox-kitty:  Thanks for your answer, Kitty! Never knew about Trance till you've mentioned her. Maybe it's time to pick up some New X-Men issues...
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@Rosencrantz&Guildenstern: It is. The X-Kids are the best.

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