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Kitten is the daughter of the villain Killer Moth and the girlfriend of the mutant Fang. She is very Spoiled, bossy and bratty, she is perhaps the only person her father ever knuckles under. Kitten first appears in the episode "Date With Destiny", after Fang had broken up with her for undisclosed reasons. With her junior prom coming up, she decides to combine her unwillingness to attend the ball alone with her father's latest scheme of blackmailing the city with a large swarm of mutant moths by forcing Robin to become her date, in order to drive Fang jealous. This in turn invites a fight between Fang and Robin, and between Kitten and an increasingly jealous Starfire. In the end, Kitten, Fang and Killer Moth are arrested and sent to jail. Kitten appeared again in "Revved Up" with Fang as part of the super-villain entourage racing for Robin's personal secret, but they are quickly taken out when Red X cuts their limousine in half. Later on, they appear as members of the Brotherhood of Evil, but are defeated and flash-frozen along with the rest of the assembled villains by the joined Titan teams.

She made cameo apperances in the Teen Titans Go! comic. Usually seen with her show "Ask Kitten". She appeared in issue 41 posing as the daughter of many of the Titans advesaries.

Joy Stick

Joy Stick the Daguter of Control Freak

Mad Maud
Mad Maud the daughter of Mad Mod

The Marionette
The Marionette daughter of Puppet King

Pink X
Pink X daughter of Red X

Daughter Blood
Daughter Blood daughter of Brother Blood

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