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Najika “Rainbow” Kazami, is an orphan whose life is saved at the time of the tragic death of her parents by a boy who later gaves her a desert with a silver spoon with a unique emblem on it, calling him her “flan prince” she sets herself the goal of finding him someday.

Eventually she discovers that the emblem is the symbol for the Seika Cooking Academy and joins, where she is rejected by almost all her classmates who  think she is untalented and doesn't deserve to be a part of the Academy. However she soon starts to make some fiends such as Sora & Daichi Kitazawa, the sons of the director of the Academy. While older its not long before she discovers that Sora is the boy who gave her that spoon, however he does not recognize the older Nagika, things become more complicated when Sora’s brother Daichi falls for Najika. 

Najika also soon finds that she has a fantastic sense of taste and the ability to analyze the components of any dish with just a single taste, so much so that she is able to reproduce a long lost peach pie recipe of the grandmother of one of her antagonists just by tasting a few crumbs.  

While naïve and perhaps too trusting, Najika is always cheerful and optimistic, as well as a meticulous diligent worker and caring person.

She soon becomes one of the best cooks at the Academy so that soon others are very jealous of her.

This, and her continued search for her true “flan prince” among other things such as the death of one of the major characters lead to many adventures at the Seika Academy.

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