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Elizabeth Catherine Fleischmann, better known as Kitcat, was sent by Oracle to help the Web in his operations of being a superhero. Web found her as an annoyance at first, but ultimately she became more and more useful in her work. When Stunner managed to track him to his Web lair, she upgraded the defenses of his lair to prevent any more breaches. After Web was derailed from the security detail from the Global Concern after trying to get Stunner out of the morgue she was in, Kitcat came through by upgrading his suit, adding zoom software in the goggles, a wimax transceiver, and a pez dispenser in his forearm, which came to be vital for him later on. She came through once again with a special bone mending solution that helped Web's ribs heal quicker than expected. When Web was temporarily killed by Stunner, Kitcat activated a defense mechanism that managed to drain her power and give it to Web so he can win his battle with Stunner, Swien, and managed to corner Martin Scott before he killed himself. Her estimate price was steep for Web, but as she showed him, the price was well worth it. She was a further help in aiding Web and Fly Girl by giving them a software that overrides the control that the Global Concern managed to place on the Web Hosts.

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