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Kiss Me, Satan! #1 "

As a full disclosure, I'm not a lifelong comic book aficionado. In fact, while I always wanted the latest comics I was unfortunate enough to always ask for the Superman comic with a father who loathes DC comics and was having a hard time keeping beans and tortillas on the table, much less comic books. However, with my daughter loving the recent mainstream influx of superheroes, I decided to treat her to the local comic book store. Now, both of us are hooked (thanks in no small part to the awesome Asylum Comics and Cards in El Paso who took the time to help us out getting started and remain my store of choice) and we have quite the little collection started, much to the chagrin of my wife who tries so hard to keep the house tidy. But I digress.

Cover of "Kiss Me, Satan" #1

I admit that when my local comic book store's manager pointed this out to me that I really didn't find myself overly excited, but I got it anyway; he has never steered me wrong before, and I was wanting to branch out from the big two publishers. I got it home and read it first, my usual reading order from my Wednesday hauls being "least to most anticipated."

The cover has creative roots in old pulp novels, but I was instantly impressed by the fresh art styling the panels inside had. It was dark, realistic (comparatively), complete with a gritty tone that you'd want in a comic based in New Orleans. Some action very early on pulls you in, and the writers and artists do a great job setting up characters with three storylines that converge towards the end of the volume. Werewolf vs. werewolf combat is present (think more "Underworld" type Lycans and not the "Twighlight" crap) and done well.

The storyline is both intriguing and gripping, if not really "fresh" (Werewolves, vampires, fallen angels...). The protagonist is an anti-hero with a long and checkered past ostensibly looking for redemption, running from his debtors while trying to rescue an old lady with her own interesting set of skills. The bloody but well-written action is offset by equally well-written dialogue, and the creative team responsible obviously works very well together- the panels' art seams flawlessly with the script.

To summarize, KMS #1 looks good, has a stimulating story line, and #2-5 will definitely be on my sub list. I look forward to seeing what happens with this series.

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Posted by Dunderton

I can also do a spoiler review, if anyone wants it- more of the plotline, characters, etc.

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