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This page is for the 7th Manhunter, Kirk Depaul.


Kirk DePaul was one of the many clones, and the last surviving, of Paul Kirk, Manhunter. He later joined the heroes for hire group The Power Company and took the mantle of his predecessor with an altered costume.


Kurt Busiek created Kirk DePaul out of a desire to use the Manhunter character in his Power Company series but created his own version so not to step on the toes of work done by previous Manhunter creators Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson. He was first drawn by Tom Grummett.

Major Story Arcs

Kirk DePaul as Swashbuckler

Kirk DePaul was killed by former Manhunter Mark Shaw after mental breakdown in Manhunter #11.

In the series Trinity, also written by Busiek, the resurrected character by Morgaine Le Fey "Swashbuckler" turns out to be a resurrected Kirk DePaul.

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