amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Kirby: Genesis #0 - Outward Bound review

The Return of the King

  In the summer of 2010, I first heard about an Kirby event so huge it would not only rebuild the Kirbyverse of Topps comics, but also bring together EVERY obscured KIRBY character that The KING himself has created from the 80's and 90's (from short lived comics through unused drawing board designs). This event was so close of what LISA KIRBY, the daughter of JACK "KING" KIRBY, did back in 2006 with the GALACTIC BOUNTY HUNTERS....but now....EVERYONE is coming back!
  I have spent over a year or two gathering comics that lead up to great event (Secret City Saga, Satan's Six, TeenAgents, SilverStar, Victory, Bombast, Night Glider, Captain Glory, and PhantomForce), understanding most of the characters and what makes them so interesting for this event.
  After reading the first few pages of the story and special features of characters and pages yet to come, I have to say this:
-If you are a die-hard JACK KIRBY fan, PICK THIS UP!
-If you enjoy Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross together, pick this up!


Posted by Liberty

Love the quote.

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