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The true seventh doll of the Rozen Maidens. Both her hair and her ornately ruffled dress are white, as indicated by Shinku's description of her in volume 6 of the manga, and by the limited edition Pullip doll release. However, she has been shown with a pale pink dress (anime), pale pink hair (Rozen Maiden AliBat, a fan-created fighting game), or both (the cover of volume 6 of the manga). Kirakishou's right eye is missing. In the anime, a layer of tissue covers the right eye socket and a single white rose grows from it, but in the manga, she simply has a rose growing out of the empty eye socket, as described by Shinku: "Her left eye can see everything, but reflects nothing, while her right eye is an empty hole, with a white rose growing out of it." In the anime, Kirakishou's shoulders are not ball jointed as the other dolls' are.

Kirakishou's first appearance in the manga is in volume 6, but is not properly introduced until volume 7. In the anime however, she has yet to be formally introduced. Her only anime appearance, which lasted only a few seconds, was towards the end of the finale of Rozen Maiden Träumend.

In the manga, Kirakishou claims that the seventh doll lacked a physical body and could only exist in the N-Field. Because of this, she destroys and consumes Hinaichigo so that she can use the sixth doll's body to materialize outside of the N-Field. Even though Kirakishou could not initially exist in the real world, she could still affect real world events; she gives a rose ring to Odille Fosset, the granddaughter of Corinne Fosset, Hinaichigo's former mistress. Kirakishou's strongest personality trait is her obsessive worship of Suigintou, to whom she has offered her Rosa Mystica in exchange for Suigintou's medium, Megu. Suigintou, however, refuses to accept the Rosa Mystica, saying that she would take it later on her own terms. During Shinku's first encounter with her in volume 6 of the manga, Kirakishou parrots whatever Shinku says, much like Barasuishou does in the anime.

Because Kirakishou's appearance in the anime was more or less merely a shot of her from the shoulders up, her abilities remain unknown. In the manga, however, Kirakishou controls rose vines. She does this when she destroys Hinaichigo and when she restrains Shinku as well as Suigintou during their first meetings.

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