Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has been released...

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 Before you get excited... It has been released in Japan... 
 but that gives us info that we didn't have before... 
Like the Kh: Birth By Sleep Intro video: 

Plus do you want to see what the gameplay is like?  
Since the leak of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, many Japanese gamers have been playing the game early. Justin.TV User, Inunonanahou, is currently broadcasting a LIVE stream of himself playing through the game.  
So go watch it at Justin.TV... just remeber this is live! So there might be spoilers...


Like in my case I watched for a little while and entered the part where Aqua saves young Kairi (witht the help of Mickey) from a heard of Unbirths... 
After the fight Kairi gives Aqua some flowers with a very cute Arigato!

So if you have nothing to do go and watch as the game is played....         

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It didn't take long for 358/2 Days to come out in English... so it shouldn't be too long before BBS does too.  Yay!

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I haven't beat 358/2

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holy sh!t. this trailer rocks, I have missed out on the Kingdom Hearts games, I have only played 1&2 on the PS2, but I'm gonna have to check out the others. KH2 was awesome, I really liked the Roxas character, and getting to team up with Jack Sparrow.

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