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The Epic "End?"

Many have said that this is a rework of Alan Moore's Twilight of the Superhero story.  I am an Alan Moore fan and I say who cares?  This is one great graphic novel.
Many major comic-book characters are in this book.  My personal favorite is Wesley Dodds the Golden Age Sandman!  We never see him in custom, but the tale is told in the same drug influence haze he is famed for.
Alex Ross, is Alex Ross... his art is stunning.  No one paints a comic like him. The Art alone makes this a good investment.
Mark Waid does justice to every character he works with.  His knowledge of the DCU can only be rivaled by few.  The play off between the House of Steel and the House of Thunder is wonderfully executed.  Everyone seems in on the action.  This is the direction I would aim the DCU in.  Superman should be with Wonder Woman, not Lois Lane.  Bruce Wayne is the peek of Human perfection, he is a DCU's Bruce Lee.  Captain Marvel is put in his place as the non-Super, Superman and it is one fun ride along the way.
The religious themes are well done, not offensive at all.  Which is hard for some writers, since religion is so sensitive a topic today.
This book is a great intro book to the DCU.  I have a friend you uses it as the Gateway Drug to new readers.  I disagree as the first book policy, since this book works as the Epic "End?"  but to each his own, it has worked.  I know 3 new readers because of this book.
If you want a great read, self-contained and reasonably priced, I think we have a winner.  Pick this up!
 - Silkcuts

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Posted by Dr_Columbo

First I must agree on the art work as one of the best, even though when I collected I never payed much attention to anything other than the story line. You have also got me on the fact i always suggest it as a first read. However your statement makes me rethink my opinion. Still Kingdom Come is the greatest comic I have ever read to date.Your review is insightful and cover most of the bases. I would have mentioned more about how age has changed our Heroes but thats just me.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Dr_Columbo:  Thanks for your kind words.  This was a review I wrote a while ago.  I was still getting my feet wet here on Comicvine.  Kingdom Come is a great book and I am glad we agree.
 - Silkcuts
Posted by Hawkeye446

Yes, yes, another good one!!
Posted by Silkcuts
@Hawkeye446 said:
" Yes, yes, another good one!! "
Posted by Jekylhyde14

After I read the Twilight of the Superheoes pitch as a teenager, I have to admit I was much less impressed by Kingdom Come. However, now I'm completely back on its side. I love how all the new generation meta-humans act like the anti-heroes of the 90's superhero market. It's a great statement on the growth of the genre over time. Though, it would have been great if Alan had been allowed to do TotS. A good review! 
Posted by Silkcuts
@Jekylhyde14:  Thanks
Kingdom Come is a classic.  It is an accessible story for the newer comic readers.  I am a huge Moore fan and my goal for the year is to review most, if not all of his body of work.  I don't have it all yet, so the all will be
TotS was ahead of its time and I would of loved to read it, since Constantine (Who is my favorite) character was suppose to be the focal point. I don't know if TotS under Moore's control would of been what was best for DCU, since he intended it as the "End" story and most people who read Superheroes don't want a true ending.  TotS would of worked in all of DC went Vertigo. At least the pitch floats around online.  As for the book, it is lost in Lucien's library.
I am glad you liked the book and the review.

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