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King Olafsdotter did not want his daughter Tora Olafsdotter to leave home but leave home she did and became the superhero known as Ice.  He also had a son named Ewald Olafsdotter.  Ewald was next to be king but when he found out his parents were going to have Ice ascend the thrown before him, he got angry and killed his father before he could announce it to his people.  Fearing for her family Ice came back home and tried to reason with her brother only to face him in a battle that ended Ewald's life.  Making Ice the Queen.  Ice then turns the kingdom into a democracy.


King Olafsdotter seems to have been retconed out of existence in a new origin story in Justice League: Generation Lost.  As it turned out King Olafsdotter his kingdon and the whole family were just figments of Tora's false memory.

**A real-world language note: This character was named incorrectly, since the name means "King Daughter-of-Olaf." Whichever comics writer invented the rest of Ice's family got it wrong. The King's name should be Olaf (Somebody)son, and his son would be Ewald Olafson.

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