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The King Of Tears is a god from an otherworldly dimension called the Subtle Realms, a dimension inhabited by entities that were banished from the Earth Dimension after the creation of the universe.  When Johnny Sorrow appeared in his dimension The King Of Tears rebuilt Sorrow’s body and sent him back to Earth to act as his intercessor. Sorrow successfully opened a portal to the Subtle Realms and allowed the King of Tears to manifest on Earth. They were foiled by the Justice Society and the Spectre. The Spectre could not kill it, but he transmuted its essence into actual tears and gave them to Jay Garrick for safekeeping.
Years later Sorrow tried to restore his master. He managed to steal the flask contained its essence from Garrick's laboratory using the Injustice Society as a diversion. Sorrow captured the Scarab and used his body as a vessel to bring the King of Tears back. However Jay Garrick stopped them by running into the two at over light speed, either sending the King of Tears into the Speed Force or destroying it. 
Johnny Sorrow once again succeeded in summoning the King of Tears with the new Injustice Society. It was used as a distraction for the JSA All-Stars, and was captured by Anna Fortune. 
When Anna Fortune tried to transport the JSA All-Stars to the Subtle Realms the King of Tears was accidentally released. The Subtle Realms were also brought to Earth. A dying Johnny Sorrow, knowing that the only way to save himself was to get back to the Subtle Realms, told the Justice Society that the only way to reverse the spell was to kill the King of Tears. Stargirl took his enchanted dagger and stabbed the King of Tears in the heart. It exploded, returning the Subtle Realms to its own dimension along with Johnny Sorrow.

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