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Kindred started out as animal test subjects to Genesis Serum on Caballito Island. Animals got smarter and stronger during that period, and those who walked on four legs now walked on two. When the government found out what was done, they ordered the project to be shut down. John Lynch was sent to eliminate the test subjects and end it for once and for all.

Major Story Arcs

Kindred I

Exiled by Bloodmoon

However some Kindred survived the onslaught. It was then Bloodmoon found his way to the island, he was a stranger to the Kindred and they didn't trust him. But when Bloodmoon found the Team 7 serum, and took it; he got stronger and smarter. Bloodmoon rose as a leader to the Kindred and started to teach them to read and write. when they where more civilized they moved on with their plan to get revenge against Team 7. Not all Kindred wanted to follow Bloodmoon however and were exiled on neighboring islands.

Bloodmoon wanted to use the captured members of Team 7 to re-synthesize the original serum that created the Kindred to increase their numbers. When the captives escaped, Bloodmoon was seemingly killed, and the island was blasted from orbit, to finally destroy all Kindred.


Gene Hunt

However part of the island remained intact, and so did some of the kindred. Bloodmoon also survived and his initial try to recreate the serum failed, so he sought the help of Dingo to track down Backlash to get his gen-factor genes. Dingo managed to get Backlash's trust and slipped a tracking device on him. Then Dingo, Fennex, Kamin and Slider of Kindred went and kidnapped Backlash and his daughter, Jet. It turned out that Backlash genes didn't contain the required gen-factor, but his daughter did. Dingo turned on the Kindred after learning that they wanted to kill Backlash and maybe even his daughter. He helped Backlash and Jet escape, and Kamin was killed in the process. Bloodmoon and his Kindred also managed to get away.

Kindred II - Bloodlines

New Leader

Kindred didn't all live on Caballito Island, some were on the neighboring islands, exiled there by Bloodmoon. The Kindred started to procreate with one-another and built a societies. They separated into several groups: Reptilian, Avian and Mammal. Mostly because they didn't get along. There was even a war and the Reptiles were exiled to another island. Silver, Lodon and Onyx went to spy on the Caballito Island research station. When they returned from their mission, they discovered that Reptilians had taken over their tribe. Kronos was the leader of the Reptiles and was not content of the small island he ruled. So he stole some Genesis Serum and neural inhibitors to make more Kindred. He kidnapped some scientist from the last heist as test subjects. Having perfected the serum, the humans were turned to kindred instantaneously. And in the progress he even discovered an airborne agent. Silver, Lodon and Onyx managed to find Backlash and Grifter, the two legends of the Kindred. They infiltrated the Cabalitto Island and learned that Kronos plans to launch a missile with the airborne serum to infect humans on main land. During the attack on the missile silo, Grifter was tuned into a kindred by the serum, but he managed to regain his senses and self-destruct the missile. Kronos wounded Grifter and escaped. Backlash being an universal donor lent some blood to Grifter, and it counteracted the Kindred transformation, turning Grifter back to human.

World's End

The Protectors

After the Armageddon hit the world, Some of the kindred survived. They seem to have moved to mainland where Tumbleweed had grown a Jungle in the middle of the desert. All the tribes have joined forces again. The jungle was a safe haven for animals as well, and no humans were allowed inside, and those who came anyway were chased out or killed. Wildcats came to investigate the Jungle, at first they fought the Kindred, but then recognized few old allies, Gramalkin and Sheba. Only one human was allowed to live in the forest, because it was he who sought a sanctuary for the animals, his name is Paris. Wildcats left after they found out that Tumbleweed was responsible of the forest and he wasn't able to reforest other areas.

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