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Jim Corrigan's Secretary

Kim and Jim o a date

A resident of New York City, Kim Liang was supposedly recruited by Madame Xanadu to help Jim Corrigan and the powerful entity known as the Spectre which lived inside of him maintain their connection to humanity and so prevent them from becoming unstable.

At first, that's all she did: be Jim's friend and watch over his body when the Spectre left it to go on his missions of vengeance. Eventually, Jim began to resume working as a private detective and Kim became his receptionist.

The two became romantically involved for a time, but eventually separated.

The Truth Revealed

Madame Xanadu revels the truth about Kim Liang's origin

Much later, it came to light that Kim was actually mystical construct Madame Xanadu created and gave a part of her own life-force, all as a part of her plans to seduce the Spectre and steal his powers for her own.

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