Green Lantern: Beginner's Guide to Kilowog

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Stand straight, poozer!

The Green Lantern Corps’ top drill sergeant, Kilowog, has a habit of calling all fresh-faced recruits “poozers.” It’s a term of both antagonism and endearment; the outer space equivalent of Gunnery Sgt. Hartman's “maggots” in FULL METAL JACKET.

Anyway, you better believe Hal Jordan was a poozer when Kilowog was training him in his early days. Though Kilowog’s been in the Corps for longer than Hal has in continuity, he actually debuted much later in the comics (in the mid-80s) to be subsequently retconned into Hal’s past with the EMERALD DAWN mini-series. Tragically bookending that story, Kilowog also factored prominently into EMERALD TWILIGHT (where a Parallax-possessed Jordan wiped almost all of the GLs.) Kilowog was the last to stand against his former pupil’s rampage, blocking him from the central Oan battery.

In many ways, Kilowog is the heart of the Corps. He actually became almost literally so during the years of the Corps’ tragic inactivity. In LEGACY: THE LAST WILL & TESTAMENT OF HAL JORDAN, Kilowog’s vengeful spirit was reconstituted into a ghostly “Dark Lantern” by a cabal of bitter ex-Lanterns. Using black magic rituals, they composed this being out of green willpower energy and let him loose to get revenge on Jordan. Hal was actually the Spectre at that time and their confrontation ended in forgiveness instead of vengeance, for once. Pieface, Hal’s old sidekick, was given their power to then rebuild Oa and the Great Battery, planting the seeds for the rebirth of the Corps that we’re all enjoying, right now.

== TEASER ==

You just can’t have the Corps without Kilowog. Not long before the order was reconstituted, Kilowog’s Dark Lantern form was transformed into his regular old self by another metaphysical working; this time conducted by Kyle Rayner and contrarian Gaurdian of the Universe, Ganthet.

Michael Clarke Duncan will be voicing Kilowog in the forthcoming GREEN LANTERN movie. From the looks of it, he’ll be the gruffest of the rookie Hal Jordan’s mentors, acting as a hard case taskmaster to whip the poozer into shape. Seeing as how this will be Hal’s movie and there’s only so much screentime for everybody, I don’t expect too much of Kilowog’s life will be explored outside of the usual training exercises. However, there’s one bit of trivia about the big lug that you might appreciate knowing…

What do you think Kilowog did before he joined the Corps? Was he a sergeant in the army of his own planet, Bolovax Vik? Maybe he did something just like as manly, like chopping alien trees? Nope. Neither. Kilowog spent a lot of time in the lab! Of all things, he was a genetic scientist. Unless he barked order at his lab assistants, I suppose the ring freed sides of his personality that were previously untapped.

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First to post
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only poozers say "first"

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Michael Clark Duncan doing the voice of Kilowag is genius. I cant wait to hear him say poozer. Im going to faint!

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@sonic1435 said:
First to post
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On a side note, if you put "Poozer" into the search bar you get Kilowog's profile page

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Kilowog has been and always will be my favourite lantern, very much looking forward to see him on the big screen. I'm hoping he will call Hal a Poozer, have my suspicious that he won't.

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O come on first time  this has ever happened, no need for name calling

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Killowog is always up in your face... I love it!

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I would bet good money we will here him say it. I too will have a nerdgasm when he does.

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Just googled "poozer" it's actually in the urban dictionary. Here is the entry.

A word Green Lantern Kilowog used to describe

a people from time to time.

Kind of like "jack-ass" or "putz"

Native of Bolovax Vik, Kilowogs Home planet.

Hal Jordan: "I don't like that Guy Gardner punk. He's got a real sh*tty attitude."

Kilowog: "Yeah, he's a real Poozer."

Guy Gardner: " Hey, what are guys talking about ?"

Hal Jordan: "mmm....nothing."

Kilowog: " Definitely not talking about you being a Poozer or anything."

Hal Jordan: " Hey, I got and idea. Why don't you go hang out with your buddy, G'nort ?, rember how cool he is ?"

Guy Gardner: "I f***ing hate you guys."

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Long time reader, first time poster.
Why the hell does he have 5 fingers in the movie?

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@mohawkmoose12 said:
On a side note, if you put "Poozer" into the search bar you get Kilowog's profile page
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Kilowog's just awesome I say, but for me, I love Ermey the best.  In my opinion, Kilowog became who he was in the Corps because of Ermey.

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I'm assuming the ring is what helps us understand the thousands of alien languages.  The best the ring could come up with was poozer?   I guess Bastich was already taken by Lobo.

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Kiliwog is awsome.
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@Turisten said:
Hi!  Long time reader, first time poster.  Why the hell does he have 5 fingers in the movie?
Probably because it was easier to handle in CGI. Anyway after Hal's toes anything else looks pretty normal to me.
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i expect him to yell call and shout his famous word... POOZER IN THE MOVIE

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Kilowog is so cool. My brother saw his movie poster in the cinema and got a fright.
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Kilwog is a beast

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Thank Lantern Ermey for making Brillolog into the Kilowog we know and love today.

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Hope he  gets more screen time instead of the stuff we see in the trailers. I think he's an awesome character! :)

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I can imagine Kilowog barking orders at his lab assistants.

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Keep these GL articles on, POOZERS!
Good stuff~~

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@Dfense75 said:

Just googled "poozer" it's actually in the urban dictionary. Here is the entry.

A word Green Lantern Kilowog used to describe

a people from time to time.

Kind of like "jack-ass" or "putz"

Native of Bolovax Vik, Kilowogs Home planet.

Interesting it mentions the phrase is native to Kilowogs home planet when watching Emerald Knights last night it shows Kilowogs drill sergeant first using it to describe Kilowog and his class mates, which included Tomar Re. The drill sergeant didnt appear to be of the same planet as Kilowog and its clear he began using the phrase as homage to him.    

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