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After getting his back broken by Paul Johnston, crippling him in the process, he sued the city for not keeping him safe from Shadwhawk. He won the trial and got millions in the process. He spent it on a robotic suit to get revenge on Shadowhawk.

After Paul Johnstone's rebirth, Shawn appeared again as the masked man KillSwitch. He attacked Shadowhawk after a masked man blew himself up destroying a church and Paul was saving the innocents inside. Shawn believes Shadowhawk is nothing more than a maniac pretending to be a hero. Paul defeated him eventually and handed him over to the police.


As KillSwitch Shawn has a power suit allows him to walk. It also gives him super strength. It is unknown how much he can lift, but he was able to lift a car. He also has a laser that comes from the palm of his hands.

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