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The WHALE is the all-purpose hovercraft of the

G.I. Joes. In the nose of the craft is a launch-able one-man recon water sled that carries a low-frequency, directional radio, giving it full audio contact with the WHALE at all times. With the ability to transport four crew, a two man "Shotgun" team, four man assault team and powerful weaponry capable of knocking out much larger targets, the Killer WHALE certainly lives up to its name.

The WHALE weighs 8.5 tons and a top speed of 35 knots (water); 25 MPH (land); 25 knots (one-man reconnaissance water sled) with a fully loaded range of 240 miles; 30 miles (one-man reconnaissance water sled). It is armed with 2 ring-mounted, twin .50 caliber machine guns with 1,800 rounds of ammunition each. For ordnance, the WHALE packs two hull-mounted, 4-bay box missile launchers, with various short-range, anti-ship/armor missiles; 2 depth-charge deployment racks, with 100 pound high explosive, pressure-sensitive firing mechanism depth-charges.

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