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573081 sowlish Character Overview 11/26/14 04:12AM 2 Approved
550619 Renchamp Character Overview 10/18/14 06:58AM 1 Approved
534092 pikahyper Character Overview 09/22/14 05:09PM 2 Approved
533754 Manhunter2070 Character Overview 09/22/14 03:45AM 39 Approved
525238 pikahyper Character Overview 09/08/14 02:00PM 2 Approved
518890 sowlish Character Overview 08/30/14 09:49AM 27 Approved
497564 Primebonnick Character Overview 08/02/14 10:37PM 2 Approved
476733 sowlish Character Overview 07/04/14 05:37AM 47 Approved
414204 pandataur Character Overview 04/17/14 11:21AM 15 Approved
413669 Bruxae Character Overview Removed duplicated passage that made no sense and edited some details. 04/16/14 04:18PM 60 Approved
352903 BrotherEye Character Overview 01/28/14 09:51AM 16 Approved
291466 Bruxae Character Overview 11/30/13 10:57AM 4 Approved
290350 troyjude Character Overview 11/27/13 09:41PM 141 Approved
228621 Bruxae Character Overview Added villain month section in story arcs. 09/28/13 12:23PM 182 Denied
213032 JaelBaez Character Overview In the New 52 she is now named Caitlin Snow as of "Justice League of America (vol 3) #7.2." However, Louise Lincoln does have a moderately established history pre-New 52, so an alternative is for Caitlin Snow to get her own separate character profile. 09/15/13 08:20PM 2 Approved
212593 belmonte22 Character Overview 09/15/13 04:23AM 1 Approved
125346 Hispanic_Aaron Character Overview 06/25/13 07:58PM 7 Approved
112300 chrisburgess99 Character Overview 06/17/13 09:49PM 52 Approved
41628 Falrent Character Overview Just a few spelling mistakes corrected. 04/29/13 11:43AM 1 Approved
30811 hamlet33 Character Overview 04/22/13 07:14AM 18 Approved
30805 hamlet33 Character Overview 04/22/13 07:13AM 18 Approved
30800 hamlet33 Character Overview 04/22/13 07:12AM 9 Approved
30784 hamlet33 Character Overview 04/22/13 07:11AM 9 Approved
30783 hamlet33 Character Overview 04/22/13 07:10AM 42 Approved
19253 afs262 Character Overview Grammar and punctuation 04/13/13 12:54AM 1 Approved
827 Mannequin Character Overview I added the video game information, added more pictures, the young justice information, and the new 52. None of which was plagiarized. 03/26/13 09:48PM 56 Approved
783 Mannequin Character Overview I added the events after green arrow shooting her with the greek fire. I added her New 52 information, pictures to the page. I also added some more video game info, and I added Young Justice to her tv appearances. 03/26/13 09:04PM 0 Denied

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