Wow, I really like JLU's Killer Frost.

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Are they any marvel/DC Characters that are like Justice League Unlimited Killer Frost? If you've seen the show you should know what I'm talking about.

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Yeah! She is (no pun intended) COOL! She should have had at least one episode all to herself. She ALSO needed her own action figure. I mean, just yesterday, I was looking at the DCAU Justice League figures, and there is ACTUALLY a Cyborg figure (NOT the one from the Teen Titans show). My point is, if a character (who never even appeared in the show) fets an action figure, why can't Killer Frost. Another thing, that you might find interesting, is that THIS Killer Frost may in fact be related to Nora Fries The wife of Mr. Freeze). This is because: Frost is voiced by the same person who voices Dora (Nora's sister) and at the ending of the last episode for Gotham Girls, Dora falls into unknown chemicals (much like Freeze) and she is placed in "cold storage" and she is shown to have glowing red eyes. Whatever the case, yes Killer Frost kicked but, and as she said, "Kiss my frosty but!"

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