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Made up of several of the world's best assassins, the Killer Elite live up to their names. It is unknown why these usually solitary killers decided to join forces, and unknown if they are still operate as a team. All of its members were first gathered together shortly after Neron's campaign to enslave Earth's super-villains. It is likely that some or all of these assassins sold their souls to Neron in exchange for some boon.
Deadshot and the Killer Elite competed against the Body Doubles for a contract from Requiem Inc., who wanted to kill a man named Richter. Deadshot surreptitiously sabotaged his team's victory because he was dating Body Double Carmen Leno at the time.
They were next seen when the Joker infected a host of super-villains with his mania. The Killer Elite laid siege to Iron Heights prison, but were beaten back by its warden, Gregory Wolfe, who killed Deadline. The rest were teleported away from there by Warp to the Keystone City Jail, where Deadshot also "Jokerized" Captain Boomerang. They were all brought into custody by the Flash.
The group was led by Deadshot and included Bolt, Chiller, Deadline, and former League of Assassins member, Merlyn.    

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