Killer Croc fan film genrator of epic puportions!

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help me with the Batman vs.Killer Croc fan film by giving me ideas!

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LOL  where is it gonna take place? Who are gonna be the actors? Make-up? Special Effect's?

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Alright, some questions before you would have any chance of getting this started ...

Do you have a plot in mind?

Is this set in DC Comics continuity?  Batman: The Animated Series?  The Batman?  The Tim Burton/Joe Schumacher series?  The Nolan series?  Or is it an entirely new DC Universe?

Would we get to see it, or would you keep it to yourself?  (In which case it's doubtful you'll get much in the way of support).

Also, as Dr. Victor von Doom already said, you would need a place to film, several actors, etc. but the most vital thing is a plan.

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